tree3 + ClearTheList

tree3 and ClearTheList have partnered to offer schools a revolutionary way to fundraise. Learn more below!

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An Overview

A partnership designed with the sole objective of supporting teachers and schools with their classroom and fundraising needs.

Your School Store

Understand how your own School Store can quickly become the sharpest tool in your fundraising toolbox.

Your Wish List

Create your Wish List of classroom supplies and share with fellow educators, students, parents, and friends so they can quickly and easily help “clear your list”.

The Shopping Experience

A view of the unique shopping experience you can offer your supporters with a School Store on the tree3 platform.

Marketing Your School Store and Wish List

Understand best practices to optimize tree3’s unique fundraising tool and learn how to market and share with your community to boost your earnings.

Start your Store Today

Create your store, add products, and start selling right away, for free.