ClearTheList in partnership with tree3

It is an honor to be in partnership with ClearTheList, bringing schools and teachers nationwide a revolutionary way to fundraise. We have put together videos and downloadable PDF documents for you to learn and utilize the ClearTheList tools in ways that best supports your school’s needs.


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Feature your School Store or Wish List on tree3


Get to know tree3

First things first, meet tree3 and learn how your ClearTheList School Store will quickly become the sharpest tool in your fundraising tool box.


How to Create your ClearTheList School Store

Now that you have met the team behind the technology, learn how to launch your ClearTheList School Store.

How to Create your ClearTheList Wish List

Inviting school supporters to shop on your ClearTheList School Store is a brilliant way to fundraise for your school! With the Wish List tool, receive school supplies donations to support the individual needs of teachers, administrative staff and students. Learn how to build your ClearTheList Wish List.

What is the Shopping Experience?

Sometimes there are challenges to changing consumer habits for school fundraisers. Enjoy this video to see how the shopping experience is for your school customers.

How to Market Your School Store and Wish List

When ClearTheList partnered with tree3 it was to create customizable tools that supported teachers. What works for your school will be unique to your community. We will continue to learn best practices to optimize the tool and share them with you.

Additional Resources:

ClearTheList in partnership with tree3 Flyer  

ClearTheList in partnership with tree3 Handbook

Be proud of your fundraising efforts. We at tree3 and ClearTheList are here to support you. Please email clearthelist@tree3.com